• Your self awareness journey

    A free and private tool to help you increase
    self awareness and practice daily mindfulness.

Meet CheckingIn


Self awareness

Easy, fast, and simple way to tune
into your energy and emotions.


Daily mindfulness

Tips and tools to help you
manage your wellbeing.


Deeper connections

Safe and secure space to
start deeper conversations.


Tune into your energy and emotions

A quick and simple tool to help you increase self awareness, elevate your mood, and connect more deeply with the people you care about.

Simple two step check in

Quantify your energy level with a number. Describe how you are feeling with a word. Add notes if you feel like going deeper.


Discover your patterns and trends

Your insights are presented as simple reports, so you can identify patterns and learn more about yourself. Filter your history to see your mood and energy over a period of time presented through charts, graphs and other visuals.

Elevate mindfulness with reflections

You’ll receive a daily reflection to help you consider how you want to approach the day and steps you can take to elevate your wellbeing.

People Love CheckingIn

4.8/5 average rating

"CheckingIn helped me to pause and understand how I've been feeling as well as why I was feeling that way. Its reflections and insights are a bonus and I love that they are simple."
Sara T.
7 Day Challenge
"It wasn't until I actually had to step inside myself and take inventory of my feelings that I realized I wasn't as calm or energetic as I thought I was."
Nick P.
7 Day Challenge
"I suffer from high anxiety and taking the time to think about my energy levels and why I’m feeling that way has really helped me pinpoint what it is I may be anxious about at the time."
Whitney B.

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