The challenge of forming new habits

Why can it be so difficult to form new habits?


Have you ever signed up for something hoping to make it a daily habit, only to realize a few days later that it’s harder to integrate than you anticipated?


We’ve all been there. Sometimes building a new daily practice requires creating new structures, setting reminders, or asking for external nudges to help you build the habit.

At CheckingIn, we’re doing our best to create built-in prompts and reminders to make it as easy as possible for you to create a daily habit of checking in on your app. We also wanted to share a few other habit-forming tips that might help.

Tips to make a new habit stick:

  1. Create a milestone:

Set a time frame or other quantitative metric (such as number of check-ins) so you have a clear vision and goal for your personal commitment.



  1. Start simple:

Don’t try to change your whole life in a day. Start with something simple and attainable, and build from there.


  1. Make it daily:

Consistency is key. To start, make your aim simply to show up and don’t over complicate your goals. It becomes harder to form a habit when activities are done once every few days, or sporadically.


  1. Set a reminder:
Whether it’s an app notification, alarm, or accountability partner, setting a reminder for the same time each day will help you build your habit. It’s also beneficial to set your reminder around another activity you already do daily, such as brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, or getting ready for bed.
  1. Set a reward: 
Recognize your accomplishment and treat yourself to reinforce your behaviour. Whether it’s an extra 15 minutes of ‘you time’, enjoying your favourite dessert, or a new self-care product you’ve been eyeing, rewarding yourself is a positive affirmation that can help you continue the desired behaviour. 
Building positive daily habits can be one of the most powerful ways to propel you forward on your self-awareness journey. While the tips above have been proven to be helpful by scientific research, each person is motivated differently, so we suggest playing with various techniques until you find a framework that works best for you and your lifestyle.
You’ve got this!
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