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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the subscription begin?
The subscription begins as soon as it is purchased. Team members can redeem their subscription at any time but the subscription year begins from the day of purchase.
Can I transfer subscriptions if someone leaves?
Once a subscription has been redeemed, it cannot be revoked. A subscription is active for the individual who originally redeemed it for the full duration of the team purchase and cannot be transferred.
Can I add additional team members later in the year?
In order to add additional team members later in the year, please reach out to our support team. Our Support Team will follow up with you as soon as possible.
Do you share employee usage data?

We do not share any personal data with anyone. We do provide monthly reports on aggregate usage data and summary trends.
How do I invite my team?

On onboarding specialist will work with your team to invite all team members to get them set up for success and optimal engagement. 

Is the app only available on a mobile device?
You can access CheckingIn from our web app, and on  our mobile app (iOS or Android).
How is an Enterprise subscription different from a regular CheckingIn subscription?
The Enterprise subscription includes advanced team dashboards, custom integrations, weekly webinars, and a well-being index study.  

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Healthier people.
Healthier business.

Support your team's mental well-being with CheckingIn for Business.

Frequently Asked Questions

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With the pandemic causing many work teams to work from home, gone are the days of catching up over a cup of coffee in the lunch room or sharing stories by the water cooler. It's important now more than ever to keep your team connected and foster emotional and mental health in the virtual workplace. 

CheckingIn is a quick and simple tool to help increase daily self awareness, through a simple 2-step CheckIn to quantify energy levels with a number and how you're feeling with a word. Book your demo today to find out more about how CheckingIn is helping teams maintain company culture and stay connected.

CheckingIn improves employee well-being through simple, daily 30 second check ins. We foster emotional awareness and help your people build a mindfulness practice.

"CheckingIn is a perfect tool for our team. It's helped our employees understand their emotions and ultimately had such a positive impact on their well-being. Our people are saying 'It's so simple and yet so effective'."