Find your calm

Your free 14-Day Emotional Well-being program to support your mental wellness as we navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19.

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Without a doubt, many of us are feeling anxious as we navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19. We're feeling it too. So that's why we have hand-picked some of our best resources to support your emotional and mental well-being.

We could all use a little more mindfulness

We created this program to make it easy for you to reconnect with yourself in less than 3 minutes a day. Taking these small daily actions can have a huge impact on your awareness, and make it easier to choose thoughts and actions that elevate your well-being.

Who is this for?

We created this challenge for anyone who wants to restore emotional balance, become more mindful, and deepen their relationships.  

Who is this for?

How it works

You’ll get an email every day for 14 days with a link to tune into your energy levels and emotions, and a connection-focused action item. 

What you'll get

Daily Check-In


Action Items

Trend Report

Assess your energy levels and emotions

Receive a daily mood and awareness-booster 

An overview of your insights and trends

Short passages to reflect on and approach the day with

So what do you think? Are you up for it?

Find your calm

So what do you think? 

Are you up for it?

We could all use a 
little more mindfulness